With aggressive vocals and dark undertones, Spivey is an artist that offers a style founded in the combination of multiple genres.
Born in Charlottetown, PEI, Spivey spent his early life with a heavy involvement in music.

In 2019, Spivey decided to take his music to the professional world and in the following years he cultivated a collection of songs for his first work, The Plague Doctor EP.
The EP earned him a nomination for the Music PEI Awards, with his single Vibein'.

In the following year, Spivey began releasing singles for his second album, as well as taking time for live events, and to take part in a small tour as support for Afroman.

All this was the lead up he needed, and on October 27th, 2022, Spivey released his album Fever Dreams.

Fever Dreams earned him two nominations total at the Music PEI Awards, one for the single Da Vinci for the 2022 award show, and one for the album as whole, for the 2023 award show.
The album also earned him acclaim from fans as he delved into more personal works.

Boasting his faceted skillset, Spivey has worked with artists in the local scene, providing mixing and mastering services, as well as adding his lyrical and vocal style to collaborations.